CellSonic VIPP

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For you to stay healthy and have a great immune system, you have to keep an optimum micro voltage in your body cells. Our body cells and organs are not able to perform their normal functions when the electromagnetic (ionic) MICRO CURRENT becomes LOWER THAN NORMAL. The normal pH of the blood and body cells needs to be constant at 7.4 to stay normal and healthy. When pH gets lower, the micro-voltage of the blood and body cells gets lower. That is the beginning of a disease state. When the oxygen and micro voltage drops in body cells, they are more susceptible to bacterial and viral diseases.
Professor Andrew Hague, in England, is one of the leading scientists in micro electromagnetic cell frequencies invented the VIPP Electrohydraulic Therapy Machine, which switches the electric polarity of disease cells back to normal. Professor Hague is the president of the CellSonic corporation which produces the VIPP electrohydraulic therapy machine said: “… In my opinion, the success we are getting with the combined effects of sound and electrical fields are producing some very successful treatments of many diseases…”


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