For the ultimate healing experience of the scalar energy waves, the EES room must be a quiet place free from any noise including EM (electromagnetic) disturbances – EM frequencies interfere with EES technology & prevent healing.. We ask everybody to follow these rules & guidelines to ensure a great EES healing experience for everyone. 

  1. POWER OFF all your MOBILE, TABLETS,  & other ELECTROMAGNETIC devices prior to entering EES room! 
  2. Do NOT TURN ON your electromagnetic devices at any time during your EES session!
  3. Do not apply perfumes or essential oils on the day of your EES session. Some people are sensitive or even allergic to smells.
  4. Do not move the chairs from their marked positions. All the chairs are set according to the best direction and allow you to recline all the way.
  5. No eating in the room! If you need to eat something, please do so outside the EES room.
  6. No talking in the room! 
  7. When you enter or exit the room, please QUIETLY open and close both the sliding door and the entryway door.
  8. We advise you to use the restroom before the EES session in order to minimize noise disturbance.
  9. If you are sensitive to noise, please bring noise-cancellation headphones. 
  10. The biophotonic output from the EES screens is beneficial for our senses, but if you are sensitive to light, please bring something to cover your eyes (eye mask, hat, etc.) 
  11. We are not responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings.
When you attend an EES session at IQM Wellness Center,you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree with the above. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE FORM IN PDF FORMAT.