Below are excerpts from the article What Voltage do Your Body Cells have? was published by Merle Loudon on July 17, 2021 in her Weekly Preventive Cancer and Nutrition BULLETIN.

For you to stay healthy and have a great immune system, you have to keep an optimum micro voltage in your body cells.

Our body cells and organs are not able to perform their normal functions when the electromagnetic (ionic) MICRO CURRENT becomes LOWER THAN NORMAL”…
“Professor Andrew Hague, in England, is one of the leading scientists who knows more about micro electromagnetic cell frequencies, behavior, and disease treatment than almost anyone else on our earth. He invented the VIPP electrohydraulic therapy machine, which has changed the curing of thousands of disease patients including many with cancer. These machines are in many countries and have been saving lives since the machine was introduced. The machine switches the electric polarity of disease cells back to normal correct polarity and cell micro voltage alignment.”
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The St. James clinic In Birmingham UK begins treatments with Cellsonic!

“Our machine, the CS1-Intense Pulse Pressure Therapy (IPPT) is the star of the clinic and it is a cutting edge advancement in medtech that kills infection and triggers tissue regeneration. The origins of the technology go back forty years to removing kidney stones by shattering them with sound waves and this was the first ever non-invasive surgery known as Lithotripsy. Since then the technology has evolved and developed to the present day CS1 machine”.

The Cellsonic VIPP is even more effective than the CSI. Click HERE to WATCH VIDEO and TESTIMONIALS from physicians at the St. James clinic.