BeamRay Rife Machine – Light and Sound Generator is the result of many years of research and development dedicated to perfecting the technology first begun by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. The Beam Ray unit is a computer driven audio and light frequency generator which illuminates an argon/neon tube developed by technology discovered by Royal Raymond Rife. Rife also invented a microscope which had a magnification of 60,000 times, which allowed him and other scientists to see microbes and viruses that they did not know existed.

The Beam Ray light and sound generator was programmed to produce a frequency that would kill harmful micro-organisms in the same way that a singer shatters a glass with a focused tone. Rife was able to figure the frequencies that would destroy these harmful micro-organisms and then program those frequencies into the Beam Ray Machine.

The Beam Ray can help the body by:

  • Increasing circulation and oxygen flow, while releasing toxins
  • Stimulate regions throughout the body, releasing any blockages that may hinder the healing process, thereby facilitating body balance.
  • Maintaining balance in the bio-magnetic field around the body, it is more unlikely to sustain illness or injury.

Article: Advance Healing Technologies: BeamRay Rife Machine – Light and Sound Generator by Dr. Laura Barry (